Imagine you have a shop for which you are building a website. You shop name is ABC stores and is situated in 66th Main, RMS layout, Mumbai, India,400002.
1- Domain name – Domain name is just like your shop name. it’s the name by which vistors will know yourbusiness bigger and took smaller ones to the road to success. It is believed that going online demand big investments. As a matter of fact, you can act towards creating your business’ online presence small with minimum or no investment.
2- Hosting – It is like your physical store. As your store has physical space to store all your goods ,same way website is also stored ( hosted ) on a server. Only the difference is your Physical store address is known to every one, your hosting address will not be.
3- Responsive website – It means your website will be shown in specific way based on the size of the device it is viewed in. It will have different layout on computer screen and different layout on Mobile.
4- Static website and dynamic sites – Data / information on static website is not changed unless admin changes it from backend panel. Dynamic sites allow admins and users of the site to modify data.
5- SEO – Search engine optimization, this is the technique through which your site may appear as a search result for relevant searches. This is a continuous improvement process and this can work as your 24X7 salesman on the internet.