World became a small place since the digital revolution took place. The reach of small to big businesses has significantly increased, people have no reason to rely on mouth publicity or expensive other forms of promotion. Digitalization has lead to a jump in the business that made big organizations bigger and took smaller ones to the road to success. It is believed that going online demand big investments. As a matter of fact, you can act towards creating your business’ online presence small with minimum or no investment.
Here are some basic points to look for, before you decide to dive into the world of online:
Why do you want to go online
Well, let us not ignore the fact that everyone, by that we mean everyone is present on the internet, today. If people are not on their phones, they are sticking on their laptops or desktops. If you want to make your business present, there is no better way than to put it online. There are various digital platforms through which you can create your online presence through website, blogs, etc. The question is to know your motive to go online ? Do you need a just a presence or you need to market online or you need to sell your products and services online. Decide, it will help you take further steps.
While you decide to own the internet, it’s more important for you to have a purpose. You need to decide your target audience. Your target audience will decide, what kind of web presence you need. For example, you have product which is perfect for a teen, then it’s advisable to start your presence with social media. Whereas, if you have products which is more of B2B then, it is advisable to start with a website first.
Communicate to them
We have already mentioned running advertisements (Google ads) on different websites and social media. It’s a simple formula, advertise where your target audience is willing to see your product. For example, if you are a ball bearing manufacturer, use e-mail and search as the basic advertising tool for your business. As with an email you may reach out the mailbox of your target and make them aware about your business. Search ads will make you visible when your target consumers are searching for something similar to your business.
You can do more than advertising
Digital is the platform which enables you to do more than just advertising. Its a mesurable platform so your every action can be measured. More than just an advertising platform , digital is a communication platform. Talk to your consumers, build relations, sell products and create advocates. If you are visible, you are sale-able.