Visible = Searchable = Saleble

Be Visible

Your customers are scattered but there is one thing conman ' they all use internet' . Your customers are seeking information every time they surf, provide correct and interesting information about your products/ services. Your visibility is the key for online business development.

Be Visible through

  • Involve your personal network, share your business profile with them.
  • Add your social media links to your email signature.
  • Add your social media links in all your offline communication.
  • Tell your story.
  • Be responsive always.

Be Searchable

Search engines are providing answer to almost every query raised. Daily millions of People are searching for different products and services. Be present in front of those , who are searching for your Products and services or somethings Similar to it.

Be searchable with

  • Search engine marketing - Bid for click prices and pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Search engine optimization - Let your site be the top search results when your customer searches.

Simple steps to boost your digital presence

  • Have your Website link in your email signature
  • Put all your social media links in your email signature
  • Have website which is SEO friendly
  • Make your Digital foot prints visible on your offline communications
  • Always mention your website address in all your out bound presentations.

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