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Website is your first impressions on digital platform, make it Bright, make it right

Its observed that before anyone checks your email ID and phone number on your card, they check whether you have a website. The reason for this is simple, with phone they will reach you, with website they will reach to your company, your business. Website is ideally your Business Online Resume, your online business card, your online sales agent, your online product catalog, your website is the Gateway for your online business channel. Well-designed website with optimized content is equipped to generate business lead.

Few things which you can generate from the site

  • Awareness about your business
  • Product and Service showcase
  • Customer engagement
  • Online Sales
  • Business inquiry

A website is a showcase of your business, it will be different for different people. Check out what kind of website is required for your business.

Static Website


+ taxes

  • Time - 30 Days
  • A smart website to create your online presence.
  • Single Page Scroller
  • Contemporary design
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive layout
  • Enabled for Data collection
  • Ideal for - Small Business, Professionals, stand alone business.

Interactive Website


+ taxes

  • Time - 30 Days
  • A website which will give you basic web presence and will be able to work as your effective marketer
  • 5 - 7 Pages
  • Contemporary design
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive layout
  • Enabled for Data collection
  • Easy to update with back end panel
  • Ideal for - Artist, photographers, SMEs.

Need help ? Check what kind of Site you need.

Bonus 5 things your website should have

  • Responsive design to adopt any device screen size
  • Search engine friendly to be searchable by popular search engines
  • Content rich to provide best possible information to visitor as well as to seach engines
  • Simple to navigate to make it easy for the vistor to navigate through all pages
  • Scale-able to adapt any further changes to make it future ready

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